Papers regarding all aspects of power, special, distribution and instrument transformers are encouraged. Papers will be divided in three sessions listed below.

  1. Modeling and Simulation
    Numerical modeling in design, multi-physics and coupled problems
    Transients, harmonics, lumped and distributed parameter models
    Machine learning and hybrid models, models for digital twins
  2. Materials, Components and New Technologies
    Transformer components, insulating and magnetic materials
    New concepts and technologies in the transformer industry
    Digitalization and smart grid applications
  3. Transformer Life Management
    Monitoring, diagnostics and condition assessment
    In-service experiences and case studies
    Environmental aspects and resilience

As this is a joint event, papers belonging to CIGRE SC A2 colloquium preferential subject will be presented jointly in the sessions where they fit best with a clear mark of the preferential subject.

SC A2 Preferential subjects

  1. Digital twins
    Definition, reliability of models (physics-based, machine learning and hybrid models)
    Development of twin modules (e.g. thermal, dielectric, mechanical, etc.), case studies
    How to make twins of existing vs. new transformers
    Benefits and use cases from using digital twin
    Input data and data management, digitalization examples
  2. Trends in Transformer Maintenance
    Innovative work methods (tools, robots, drones, cameras and 3D-printing)
    New development in monitoring and diagnostics (online/offline)
    Case studies of condition-based, risk-based and predictive maintenance approaches
    Total Lifecycle Cost strategies, Mid-life refurbishment, Life extension alternatives, comparative financial analysis of different strategies
  3. Design performance in service
    Sound levels of transformers in service
    Influence of environmental aspects and loading on thermal aspects, loss and noise
    Experience with actual in service short circuit and overvoltage stresses,
    Resiliance to earthquakes, floods, extreme heat etc.
    Experience with different breathing systems
    Transformer design verification for very fast transients
    Model verification for harmonics and GIC